FrogFolio Lab

The FrogFolio Lab is a walk-in space that offers one-on-one FrogFolio support. No appointments necessary.

Hours & Location

The FrogFolio Lab’s hours vary by semester. Check back in August for our updated hours. We are located in Rees-Jones Hall Room 101, on the ground floor in the glass room just across the lobby from the big “Knowledge is Freedom” sign.

Please note that our lab closes during the summer. We will re-open on Monday, August 20th for the Fall 2018 semester.


The FrogFolio Lab is staffed with student eTerns who are adept at using Digication tools to create excellent e-portfolios. Our experienced eTerns can help you with all aspects of your FrogFolio journey:

  • Generate interesting content that captivates the attention of your audiences
    and showcases your accomplishments.
  • Reflect on your learning and make connections between different courses
    and co-curricular experiences.
  • Find ways to make your learning relevant to multiple audiences, including
    potential employers.
  • Gather constructive criticism and feedback on your ePortfolio as you
    prepare to fulfill the requirements of your classes and beyond.
  • Make cohesive, visually appealing design choices that reflect your personality
    and professional agenda.
  • Address common technical issues such as adjusting settings, customizing your
    FrogFolio’s look, and dealing with those nitty-gritty editing functions.