Getting Started

As of Fall 2017, Digication (our platform provider) has given us a whole new ePortfolio builder called New Digication. New FrogFolios offer flexible layouts, drag-and-drop uploads, and much more. To create your FrogFolio using New Digication, visit and log in using your TCU username and password. Use the video below to walk you through each step of the process.

Please note that New Digication ePortfolios are not yet compatible with Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. We recommend using Chrome, Safari or Firefox at this time.

A Beginners Guide to FrogFolio: Getting Started

A Word About FrogFolios Created Before Fall 2017

If you prefer to continue using the FrogFolio you built in Digication’s old ePortfolio builder, don’t worry. The old ePortfolios aren’t going anywhere. You can still edit the FrogFolios you created in Classic Digication (Digication’s old design platform). However, we do suggest that students and faculty consider converting their ePortfolios to the new platform by using the conversion tool when it becomes available. As time goes on, older FrogFolios created in Digication Classic will become incompatible with current internet browsers.

Need Some Help?

Need a hand, some ideas, or some clarification? Check out our Metafolio 2.0, or visit us at the FrogFolio Lab, located in Rees Jones Hall 101.We are on the ground floor in the glass room just across the lobby from the big “Knowledge is Freedom” sign. If you don’t see the answer you need in our current resources, please email us your question.