Teaching Resources

When it comes to the question “why should I teach with ePortfolios?” the answers are numerous and lengthy. The resources below explore this question in greater detail:

 The Catalyst for Learning site out of Laguardia Community College houses a collection of proven practices and comprehensive, pedagogical frameworks from a diverse collection of colleges. This site is constantly updated with new material and thought-provoking ideas.

“Reflection, Integration and ePortfolio Pedagogy” by Bret Eynon, Laura M. Gambino and Judit Török investigates ePortfolio as a form of community engagement “that deepens the impact of reflection, helping students understand connections and make meaning from their learning experiences.”

LaGuardia’s ePortolio Tutorials Page offers several downloadable walk-throughs, from using the class functions in Digication to best practices for videotaped ePortfolio presentations.

C2L’s Video “The Differences ePortfolio Makes” provides an overview of findings from “What Difference Can ePortfolio Make? A Field Report from the Connect to Learning Project”:

Helpful resources from e-Portfolio experts at TCU:

Dr. Daniel Terry’s white paper on e-portfolios and the TCU experience: Making Learning Visible

An excellent guide to digital storytelling with practical suggestions, example syllabi, etc created by TCU’s own Dr. Beata Jones.

A truly helpful guide to composing digital portfolios by Dr. Carrie Leverenz of TCU’s New Media Writing Studio.

FrogFolio Rubric for First-Year Seminar

FrogFolio Mission, Vision and Goals

Video Tutorials

Navigating Digication

Enrolling Students When You Create a Course in Digication

Adding Students as Viewers to Course ePortfolios

Several resources are available to both mentors and students who need help with building and maintaining their FrogFolios. The FrogFolio Lab is the best of these resources for hands-on assistance from student mentors.